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Street art mural

Meet the Artists!

Prisma, formerly known as Parasite, is an urban artist and political scientist with experience in community work and cultural management, painting since 2011. She has explored stencil, poster and freehand techniques, currently developing the last two. She uses mixed techniques and is interested in making non-hegemonic, community and territorial female empowerment visible.

Ana Villa (Prism)

Daniel Chaves (Dch_arts)

Daniel Chaves, a plastic artist from the National University, with a Master's in Media Communication and Culture from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has developed projects for the protection and conservation of the environment. His main interests are linked to artistic creation for the promotion of human and environmental rights and access to culture.

White Brick Wall


Karla Montgomery-Ramirez

Social Worker (LMSW) & MindArt Creator

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